Memory Essentials /

Sometimes the simplest tools are the best way to keep track and stay organized.  Below are a handful of our favorite home products and daily living aids out of the thousands of competing products on the market.  All are top rated, reasonably priced (most are under $20), and come from well-established companies with outstanding reputations for product quality and customer service.

Weekly Pill Organizer

Attractive, durable, and well-labeled.

Digital Reminder Clock

Big display, fits anywhere, easy-to-set.

Catch-all Trays

Multi-room valets for important items.

Moleskine Forget-Me-Not Notebooks

Classic, high quality, detachable pages.

Blackboard Door Knob Hangers

Simple, customizable & effective.

Magnetic Dry-Erase Calendar

Great for fridge with high quality markers.

Brain Games

Fun puzzles to build memory muscles!