Dexterity Essentials

Simple living aids can help combat the challenges associated with arthritis pains and the completion of daily tasks. The best-in-class products below have been carefully selected for their quality, their consistently high ratings, and their exceptional value (most items are under $20).   Most importantly, they're proven to work – in the kitchen, in the dressing room, in the bathroom and elsewhere .

6-in-1 "Open Anything" Jar Opener

Designed expressly for arthritic hands.

EZ Grip Zipper Pulls (10-pack)

Handsome, easy to attach, effortless to pull.

Easy Turn Keywings

Extra grip, more leverage, multiple colors.

Effortless Button Hook

Non-slip, extra wide handle, hassle free.

EZ Door Knob Grip

Smart winged-tip design for EZ opening.

No-Tie Shoelaces

Turn your shoes into slip-ons!

Big Fat Pens (5-pack)

Wide-barrelled and comfortable to grip.

Comfortable Lamp Switch Knobs

Easy to install, easy to grip and turn.

Wooden Playing Card Holders

Attractive & easy-to-use. Game on!