Fall Proofing Essentials /

Minimize the risk of accidents that threaten your ability to live independently. If mobility and balance are serious concerns, have your home properly assessed and install whatever safety measures might be necessary. In the meantime, we've identified some easy-to-implement and highly effective household items – most of which are priced at under $20 – that can really make a difference.

Top-rated Plug-in Night Lights

Boost vision, avoid hazards. Simple.

Patented Gorilla Grip Bath Mat

A "must have" to avoid bathing mishaps.

Reacher Grabber Tool

No-stoop solution to picking up items.

Lightweight Portable Handybar

Assist standing and prevent falls.

Double-sided Carpet Tape

For slip-free carpets and throw rugs

No Clutter Cable Sleeves

Reduce tangles and tripping risks.

Non-Slip Stair Treads

Safer floors and surfaces, indoors and out.

Self Adhesive Cord Holders

No more under-the-table searching!

Toilet Bowl Nighlight

Safe, motion activated, 16 color options!