Ayaplaces is dedicated to helping older adults find the products and services they need to remain in their homes — living safely, comfortably, productively and joyfully — for as long as possible. To this end, we're developing a consumer-friendly website that combines high quality content with online classes & workshops, helpful tools & calculators, and an easy-to-navigate online store featuring "best in class" home accessories, housewares and home care products.


Our team of living-in-place specialists and product experts is passionately committed to satisfying the needs of our target customers (older adults as well as their adult children) and to delivering a compelling user experience that is differentiated by its ease of use, its look & feel, and its depth of engagement. We're less interested in publishing another uninspired website that looks like a hospital supply company and much more interested in creating something new – something more positive, more fun, more energizing, and more life affirming. 


Please look around and let us know what you think.  The practices that we preach are research-based and recommended by leading industry experts.  The products that we curate and offer are highly select in regard to both functionality and design. (In other words, they work and look great!)  However, we don't know everything and serving the needs of older adults is definitely a team sport, involving input from – and coordination with – a wide variety of stakeholders – from designers & architects to product experts to health care professionals to consumers and their loved ones.

Please contact us with comments, questions, recommendations for future topics to cover and any other thoughts you might have.  We also welcome inquiries regarding potential partnerships and joint ventures.  


The word Aya –  which is the root of our company name – comes from the African Adrinkra symbol for fern, a beautiful and hardy plant that grows in difficult places and that represents endurance and resourcefulness. We're inspired by this symbol and feel it's particularly apt given our company's passionate commitment to helping older adults live full and independent lives in the comfort of their own homes.