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Tips for Working From Home

A while back, I posted about setting up a home office for those who will want to work part-time or have an active volunteer career long into their lives. But now this is a concern for millions of people--not just those who are retired or semi-retired. Most of us need a better solution than working from their dining room tables--right now!

Even if you don't have a room that can be a dedicated home office, you might be able to fit this nice desk in a corner of your living room or bedroom. It is just 36"-wide.

Not only is this desk less than $150 at Cost Plus, but AyaPlaces can offer you free shipping with code WMFS49.

And for those of you who don't like pink, here's a "plain view" of the desk, so you can imagine it in your home:

Location, Location

Personally, I am finding that I am more motivated to work and am more focused now that I've moved my workplace near a window. I am sure the sunshine improved my mood, but I searched for research studies to see if more daylight really could be increasing my productivity.

And, yes, it could be. I found several studies about how natural light improves well-being and productivity.

House Plants as a Productivity Aid?

If you read that article, you'll see that houseplants might be a reasonable substitute, so here are recommendations for plants that do well in low light conditions.

Get Up and Move

If you want to hear from a thought leader in remote work, check out this podcast of Sam Harris interviewing Matt Wullenbeg, CEO of Automattic (providers of Wordpress) who had all 1000 employees working remotely well before Covid-19 emerged. Here why he does push-ups between video meetings and also has a candle on his desk.

Whether you are working full- or part-time or are volunteering from home, we're interested to hear your tips. Our "Ask Us" page works just as well for "Tell Us".


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