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Keep Track & Stay Organized: 8 "Best-in-Class" Memory aids

Sometimes the simplest tools are the best way to keep track and stay organized.  Conquer forgetfulness with a handful of our favorite home products and daily living aids. All items are top rated on Amazon, reasonably priced (most are under $20), and come from well-established companies with outstanding reputations for product quality and customer service.

Organize your daily medications, vitamins and supplements with this beautifully designed and easy-to-use weekly pill organizer. Hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon. Attractive, durable, well-labeled and moisture-proof. Consists of removable and convenient AM/PM compartments that are great when you're on the go.

The Auvon Weekly Pill Organizer has been thoroughly and successfully tested. Both the outer case and the individual compartments are translucent, making it easy to see when refilling is needed. Individual compartments are incredibly roomy (each one holds up to 14 large fish oil pills) and feature secure-shut lids that open and close easily.

The pill organizers comes with a 12-month warranty and exceedingly friendly customer service.

Never forget an appointment or your medications! This is the clearest, non-abbreviated and easiest-to-read digital clock on the market with an extra large display and 8 easy-to-program visual reminder alarms. It's an "Amazon's Choice" product, and a handsome addition to any countertop or wall. Displays time, day, portion of day (morning, afternoon, evening), week, month, and year.

This Digital Calendar Day Clock is particularly great for those who may need a hand with daily reminders. It's 8-inch display spells out all dates, reminders and messages in large, bright and very clear letters. And, as an added bonus: The display can also be used to display digital photographs.

  1. Other handy features: Auto-dimming, built-in battery backup (so reminders are never lost), messages in 8 languages, and a 100% money back guarantee!

Take the stress out of planning your schedule and remembering your appointments. This simple household dry-erase calendar easily attaches to your refrigerator and includes a set of high quality non-toxic markers. A separate magnetic grocery list is also included. More than 600 5-star reviews on Amazon!

This 17 x 12" planner is a great way to keep track and stay organized. Perfect for marking appointments, planning activities, scheduling meals, compiling "to dos" and more.

Comes with a strong, non-slip magnetic backing making it easy to hang and apply to any flat or slightly rounded metal surface. Also included: A 6-pack of non-toxic and low odor markers in a variety of bright colors.

Minimize the chance of misplacing items by dedicating a simply drop tray. (Stop searching for car keys, reading glasses, cell phones, tv remotes, and whatever else you lose regularly!) These attractive felt catch-alls from ORIGA come in a variety of colors and can be placed at key locations around the house – from bedside tables to kitchen counters to office desks. Nothing but 5-star reviews on Amazon!

ORIGA felt trays feature a snap corner design making them super easy to fold and unfold. Folded, the trays measure approximately 7 x 7 inches with a depth of roughly 2 inches. Small enough for tight counter spaces but plenty of room to hold small and lite accessories.

Available in packs of six, these trays are made from high quality, heavy duty felt material. When not in use, simply unsnap and store flat. Ultra portable too – great for vacations and overnights away from home!

Find frequently misplaced items instantly with this handy wireless finder. Simply attach a small tile receiver to your keys, your glasses, your purse, the tv remote, your umbrella, your pet, or any other item. When needed, simply push the colored-buttons on the remote control and follow the audio beep sound emitting from the tile receiver.

An Amazon favorite with over a thousand 4 and 5-star reviews, the Esky Item Finder works through walls, doors, furniture and cushions to find lost items up to 100 feet away.

Package includes 6 re-useable tile receivers (only .18 inches thick), a remote control (with a built-in LED flashlight), a handsome remote stand, batteries for the control and all tiles, and a variety of attachment accessories.

How often do you misplace your reading glasses? (You're not alone if you said "always!") Fortunately, there's a super simple solution that beats random household surfaces: Simple and tasteful eyeglass holders. Another "Amazon's Choice" product.

We're big fans of these particular designs. These two upright holders feature super plush linings, luxurious synthetic leather exteriors, sturdy non-slip bases, and they look great. Makes finding your glasses a breeze and, at the same time, keeps your lenses scratch and smudge-free.

Comes in packs of two. Great in the den, the office, the bedroom, the workshop or where ever else you spend lots of time reading and tinkering. Fits most regular glasses and sunglasses too!

Another fun way to keep track of daily household tasks! These double-sided chalkboard door knob hangers are a great way to remind yourself what's on your To Do List. (Walk Dog, Take out Trash, Feed Cat, Make Dr. Appointment, Call Sister, etc.). It's also a great way to send short and sweet messages ("Please knock," "Don't forget to pick up milk," "Don't forget I love you" and more!)

6 door knob hangers to a pack. Made from thin durable wood. Eco-friendly, safe and reusable.

Each hanger works on all standard door knobs. They're great for the bedroom door, the office door, the front door and any other commonly traveled doorway.

Nothing but 4 and 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Not all memory aids are high-tech. Simple notebooks can be lifesavers when it comes to remembering names, details, and to-do lists. The trick is to have the notebook handy at all times. Very small books that slip into a pocket or bag work well. The trick is finding the best quality notebook at the best price.

That's why we're recommending Moleskine's 3.5 by 5.5 inch thread-bound classic. Capture and remember appointments, names, thoughts, notes, or anything else that comes to mind!

Available in handy packs of 2, these journals have distinctive Moleskine rounded corners, helping them to slip easily into a pocket or bag. Pick your color and use the perforated pages inside for handwritten reminders and messages with a personal touch.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please feel free to comment and please feel free to let us know if you have any other recommendations for combatting forgetfulness!


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