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Home Design for Seniors-or Really, Any Age

When you're thinking about home design for you or a family member, it is never too early to plan for the safety and comfort you will want later in life. Interior Architect, Lucy Junus, has shared some tips for us to consider when remodeling.

When choosing door hardware, consider using a contrasting color since it will help people with declining eyesight easily find the handle. Lever handles are not just attractive and easy to use, but they are more functional for people with declining hand strength or dexterity.

Lucy shared some of her designs for entertainment, display and storage units. She says, "I love designing beautiful gentle curves for wall-units and cabinetry. Curved lines create wider walk-way openings and alleviate sharp corners to prevent injury."

Lucy also uses curves for kitchen islands since they are usually next to high-traffic walkways.

The photo above also illustrates a tip for choosing furnishings for safe and comfortable senior living. Lucy says, "Having a sturdy lounge chair with arms is important for support and safety. The seat height should not be too low as it is important for someone to be able to sit down and get up easily."

And for the comfort and support of the lower back, Lucy recommends a small lumbar pillow. Be sure to choose durable fabric that is easy to clean.

If someone in your household occasionally loses their balance, choose high-backed chairs that are heavy enough not to tip if someone leans on them.

For additional lasting home design tips from Lucy Junus, see our Kitchen Design Tips for Accessibility.


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