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Avoid Tripping and Make Cords Accessible

I have to admit my biggest pet peeve about electrical cords is how messy they look pooled at the base of a floor lamp or hanging down behind an otherwise sleek table or desk. But those messy cords are also a tripping risk.

We found these easy-to-use self-adhesive cord holders. You can hide the "extra" length of cord, and anchor the cords in places away from walkways.

And, these cable organizers help you keep the part of cords and cables that you need up on the table or other surface where you need them -- instead of having them fall to the floor when not in use.

Some of my favorite lamps have in-line cord switches like these.

You can use the self-adhesive cord holders to keep the in-line switch attached to a nightstand or side table. It's great to not have to bend down to the floor all the time just to turn on a light.


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