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Affordable Solutions for Fall Proofing - Manage Electrical Cords

Messy electrical cords pooling at the base of floor lamps or under tables can be unsafe, and they are definitely unattractive. We don't want you to trip over cords or have to bend over all of the time to pick up power cords that have fallen to the floor from desks or tables.

We've found some cord-management solutions on Amazon that are just $10 to $25 but are attractive and easy to use.

If you need to access power outlets frequently, you don't need to bend down to the wall outlet to plugin your phone charger and other electronics

And, remember that we've recommended these adhesive cord organizers to hold lamp and electronics cords to the backs of nightstands, table legs or walls, to keep them out of the way or walkways and to hold electrical cords (like for phone chargers) up on tabletops that might fall to the floor when not in use.


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